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Here Are Some Ways You Can Support the Molalla River Alliance

Because the Molalla River Alliance is a grassroots all-volunteer organization, whether small or large, all contributions support our efforts and are greatly appreciated. Every donation helps make a difference.

There are a variety of creative ways to make donations to the Molalla River Alliance. If the donations are large and/or complex we welcome such opportunity and are pleased to work to achieve your goals.

Contact the Molalla River Alliance at:

Molalla River Alliance
P.O. BOX 727
Molalla, Oregon 97038

Send checks to address and for more information, call 503-829-6202 or


Cash Donation

For most folks making a tax deductible donation in cash is the most common way to make a charitable contribution. Generally, the higher one's tax rate the greater the tax savings.

Estate Planning Gifts

Like appreciated securities, contributions of real estate owned at least one year are tax deductible at its market value on the date of the transfer. So, the donor receives a large tax deduction, avoids capital gains taxes and affords a large gift. We are appreciative of an opportunity to consider contributions of your personal residence (even while you continue to live there), as well as other types of real estate such as single-, and multi-tenant buildings, land, office buildings and farms.

A bequest in your will or living trust (such as for cash, real property, etc.) reflects your commitment to lasting support of future efforts for the benefit of the Molalla River. Besides evidencing your caring, this provides a tax deduction against one's estate taxes.

Gifts of Real Property, Securities

For those willing to make larger contributions, donating appreciated assets provides the donor a larger tax deduction (at the current value of the asset) while avoiding the obligation of capital gains taxes if the asset were sold. You are encouraged to consult your tax advisor regarding capital gains taxes.

Life Insurance

This can be easily accomplished simply by naming the Molalla River Alliance as a beneficiary for all or part of an existing life insurance policy.

Other Forms of Contributions

We appreciate the opportunity to consider most any type of contribution, such as retirement plans, closely held stock or a partnership interest, annuities, or tangible property but we must evaluate them on a case by case basis.